Equal Opportunity Faith

“The religious leaders of the day had written the script for the Messiah. When Jesus announced he was the Messiah, the Pharisees and others screamed at him, “There is no Jesus in the Messiah script. Messiahs do not hang out with losers. Our Messiah does not break all the rules, Our Messiah does not question our leadership or threaten our religion or act so irresponsibly. Our Messiah does not disregard his reputation, befriend riffraff, or frequent the haunts of questionable people.” Jesus’ reply? “This Messiah does”! Do you see why Christianity is called “good news”? Christianity proclaims that it is an equal-opportunity faith, open to all, in spite of the abundance of playwrights in the church who are more than anxious to announce, “There is no place for you in Christianity if you [wear an earring/have a tattoo/drink wine/have too many questions/look weird/smoke/dance/haven’t been filled with the Spirit/aren’t baptized/swear/have pink hair/are in the wrong ethnic group/have a nose ring/have had an abortion/are gay or lesbian/are too conservative or too liberal].”
Mike Yaconelli

Ship Your Enemies Glitter

ship your enemy glitter

Don’t hate. Send glitter instead. Because nothings worse than glitter on your face and your hands and your clothes and your floors and your pets and, well you get the point.

I know this website is all about changing the world and treating people kindly et cetera, et cetera. BUT I’m a realist and I know there’s going to be some enemies and haters along the way so I still think this is a NICER way to handle your enemies then say punching them in the face or saying God knows beepity beep beeep #$@!# what…

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Social Good Shopping Guide and Directory

The Social Good Shopping Guide and Directory is a shopping guide to 50 companies changing the world through their businesses. It compiles the best, and most impactful products like companies that sell premium headphones AND help the world to hear – companies that sell wicked cool sunglasses AND provide the gift of sight – companies that sell sandals made from repurposed tires AND provide dignified work to people formerly in extreme poverty.

The full and might we mention completely free e-guide launches on February 1, 2015, you can sign up to get the guide here.

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Will I Make A Good Superhero? Chart


Will I Make A Good Superhero? is a stupendously handy poster aid that will help you answer that very question.

You’re considering a career as a superhero. You’re itching to know what you’ll wear, how you’ll schedule your day, the types of foes you’ll face. Display this chart in your home, office, or fortress to tackle these hard questions before ridding the world of evil.

This much needed poster for any aspiring superhero is available for purchase here.

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