Gramming For Good

Gramming For Good connects Charities who want to tell their story through their Instagram feed, with Instagram photographers who want to offer their services and give back to a cause they are passionate about.

It’s like for non-profits and photographers, without the dates. So it’s really not like, but you get the point!

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Various Keytags





Various Keytags is an online store for design-minded people who enjoy organization, happiness, and fun. It was born out of a sense of humor and the sheer necessity of finding a simple key tag that isn’t too fussy. They give us constant joy; they are useful; they make great gifts; and we have been astonished by the overwhelmingly positive response to them by so many different people! So much so that we decided to make an entire website dedicated solely to Various Keytags

It’s like a fortune without the cookie on a key chain! Never in my life would I have thought a key chain could be cool…Until now.

How to Be Happy (or at least less sad): A Creative Workbook



“This book cannot fix you, and it cannot make you happy. The good news is that no other book on the internet can either, but you already know that. Because you know, deep down, that no self-help book can make you happy. Just like you know, deep down, that you can. Maybe you haven’t discovered that yet, or maybe you’ve forgotten, but you know more than you think about your own happiness. This creative and practical book will help you draw, write, discover, and remember those things that make you feel happy…or at least less sad.”

Get happy or at least less sad here!

Groceries Not Guns

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America:

Our new ad shows how Kroger policies are inconsistent and alarming – particularly given that the laws in a majority of states do not require a background check, permitting or even training to open carry a firearm. In all states, businesses have an obligation to protect their employees and patrons and until Kroger steps up, Moms will put our money where our mouths are and shop at stores that put our safety first like Safeway and Alberstons.

Kroger needs to know that their refusal to act is costing them money as Moms take our grocery shopping elsewhere. Now we’re keeping track of all the money Kroger is losing to its gun sense competitor and with the help of our supporters, we will create the World’s Longest Receipt.

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