The Ferguson Army

“Why’s a small town in Missouri need a great big f#@king army? They’re not enemy combatants. They live there, that’s their home. When you’re holding an assault rifle, every human looks like an enemy. When you’re steeped in macho racism, every young black mans a threat.”

 -Jonathan ‘Song a Day’ Mann (from his song on the events unfolding in Ferguson)

Disobedient Objects

Disobedient Objects, Exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum in London About the Role of Objects in Social Movements

As part of their Disobedient Objects, Exhibition at Victoria and Albert Museum, Which explores the role of objects in social movements, the museum has released downloadable guides on how to make improvised tools used by protestors.

How to Guide – Makeshift Tear-Gas Mask

Handmade gas masks were an essential response to police actions during the 2013 mass protests in Istanbul. These events saw the Turkish government release a record amount of tear gas to disperse demonstrators. Protesters devised a way to protect themselves with basic materials like plastic bottles, elastic, and strips of insulation foam.

Since 2013, the idea spread and handmade gas masks have appeared on protestors as far away as Caracas, Venezuela.

(via LaughingSquid)

The things you used to own

You buy furniture. You tell yourself, this is the last sofa I will ever need in my life. Buy the sofa, then for a couple years you’re satisfied that no matter what goes wrong, at least you’ve got your sofa issue handled. Then the right set of dishes. Then the perfect bed. The drapes. The rug. Then you’re trapped in your lovely nest, and the things you used to own, now they own you.

- Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club