Revolar, the worlds smartest personal safety device

Meet Revolar, the worlds smartest personal safety device. Unlike wearables that track your steps or sleep, Revolars only job is to help keep you safe. If you are ever in danger, simply press the button on your Revolar device. An emergency alert message with your location information will be sent to your loved ones. Revolar is personal safety at the press of a button.

I’m saving up and buying one for all the girls in my family but FIRST we have to help make it happen! The project is currently seeking funding on KickStarter and only has a little over a week left so go and help make it happen y’all.

Make the world a safer place here.


for most
who don’t regularly practice religion
the feeling of visiting a church
is most closely related
with seeing friends marry
and seeing friends dead.

Thus, to the spectator,
the place becomes
a selective devourer
teetering back and forth
from innocuous
cobblestone building
to gobbling wonderhouse.

A corner shop
whose insides forever change you
from what you were when you entered
to something completely different when you left.

Like going to the mall
in the middle of winter
to watch a baby delivered in the coin fountain
then five years later
back to the mall
to see it drowned.

Dallas Clayton

(found on TheWorldsBestEver)