In Spring of 2003, Vintage21 Church in Raleigh, NC had a four week series on Jesus Christ, taking a deeper look at what He said and did. It was difficult at times to get past our preconceived notions that had been developed by staunch, starched Sunday School classes of old. This was their satirical look at what some people think Jesus is like. Thank goodness He’s not.

I Made A Cloud Lamp That Triggers A Storm Every Time Donald Trump Makes A Tweet

The Political Lamp, by ParseError is a connected cloud lamp that reacts in real time to the tweets from Donald Trump, and other political events on Twitter.

The artist had this to say about setting the Political Lamp to follow Trump’s tweets.

The choice of setting the Political Lamp to follow the tweets of Donald Trump is explained by the fact that he perfectly embodies a dangerous era, beyond the notion of idiocracy, popularized by the movie of the same name. A world where the words of one man, released without reflection and with spontaneity on a global social network, can endanger the fate of millions by spreading the ghost of nuclear war on the planet.



Fed up with being catcalled on the street 20 year old student Noah Jansma decided to do something about it. Throughout the month of September she took a selfie with every catcaller who harassed her and captioned them with the words they each used.

“By juxtaposing the catcallers’ callous, unashamed grins with her own exhausted, painfully familiar expression, Jansma shows the world just how frequent, real, and disturbing these experiences are for women everywhere. She also gains power over them, though, by documenting their actions and putting them on display for the whole world to see. Though her own experiment has ended, she has opened the @dearcatcallers Instagram page for submissions in hopes of creating a global dialogue on the collective struggle women face” – Giadre, Bored Panda



Okie Dokie’s Theory: You are a totally rational person who refuses to be motivated by fear. But you also know that you should have a plan and some supplies ready for an “uh-oh” moment. What will you do there’s a catastrophic event? The OkieDokie kit was created to be the most compact, simplest and most cost-effective solution.

Okie Dokie is the disaster kit for everyone filled with the most important stuff as recommended by FEMA and the Red Cross.

Safety first!

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Community-Powered Vigilante Apps

Citizen is a new app on a mission to keep people safe and informed. The app aims to do this by enabling people to report crimes in their area, get real-time alerts, follow the biggest stories and watch and record live video.

Citizen is currently operating in New York City and San Francisco in it’s beta stage.




Whenever you view a company's products online, you can view their Company Profile instantly to see relevant alerts and news articles.

The Impakt Browser Extension for Chrome and Firefox helps align your spending with your values everywhere you shop online.

As you view products online, Impakt aggregates public data and news articles to deliver personalized Alerts, Company Profiles, and alternative Recommendations in any desktop e-commerce environment.

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