Money makes the world go round, and so do the systems. So what happens when the systems fail us?

What happens when a judge gives a ruling that affects the rest of your life based on which side of the bed she wakes up?

What happens when the police officer becomes the criminal?

What happens when we graduate from college with no work, at least $20,000 dollars of debt and an overwhelming feeling that we just got ripped off?

What happens when the sinners love the preacher but the preacher hates the sinners?

What happens when bad things happen to good people, and when good things happen to bad people?

What are we supposed to do when the system not only breaks down but it starts to break us down? I understand that in America we by far have the best systems, BUT the best broken system is still a BROKEN system. Looks like we have a SYSTEM FAILURE.

What next?

Reboot, reconfigure, change.

The only way things can change is if we change them. Do like Jesus. Do like Ghandi. Do like Dr. Martin Luther King. Do like Nelson Mandella. They never fit into the system or let the system change them, instead they changed the system. They broke the entire system down, and made brand new ones.

It’s up to us to do something.

We either conform, change or die.

What other option do we have?

-Remington Dayn-Ryan

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