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PickTheBrain.com is a website dedicated to self-improvement with a focus on personal productivity, motivation, and self education, although really really anything related to self-improvement goes.

This site will help you improve the following:

  • Personal Productivity – Time is our most precious resource. Managing it effectively is essential for an excellent life.
  • Motivation – We only get as far as we can push ourselves. This site will help you overcome mental blocks and motivate yourself to act.
  • Self Education – Learning shouldn’t end after graduation. Rather than focusing on academics, this site covers the most valuable education — the one you give yourself each and every day.
  • Psychology – Our thoughts control our behavior which creates our reality. By understanding how we think, we can generate the positive thoughts required for success.
  • Philosophy – The approach you have in life can mean everything. Philosophy is about becoming wiser day by day and developing a harmonic existence with the world.                                (section straight from pick the brain.com)
So quit running around life with your finger up your nose, and Pick The Braininstead. Grow yourself HERE

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