1000 Memories


Make memories and then save them here at 1000 memories. So, what is 1000 memories, in their own words:

1000memories is the best way to organize, share and discover the old photos and memories of your family and friends. We help bring the albums, scrapbooks, and photo-filled shoeboxes of our lives out of the closet and into an online, shareable space where they can be remembered and celebrated, together in one place.

Here is how it works and what you can do:

Organize your past

Organize your past

No more digging through messy photo boxes. On 1000memories, you can digitize, upload and organize your photos by adding dates, tags and captions to finally view your past, in the right order, in one place.

Share with family & friends

Share with family & friends

For the first time, your photos and stories will go from the dark corners of your home to a place where they are accessible to everyone you care about, whether they live down the street or thousands of miles away.

Preserve your memories

Preserve your memories

From allowing you to download unlimited copies of your 1000memories content, to keeping your information safe on the world’s best data servers, we do everything we can to make sure that your photos, stories and memories will be here for future generations.

Record your family history

Record your family history

What did your grandpa look like when he was your age? 1000memories is the best way to the record and share the extraordinary stories of your relatives. Our award-winning design is the missing piece you’ve always craved in a genealogy service.

So GO and start making some memories and just as importantly save and share them with the ones you love most.

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