Weekend Links


(Lessons for Life from two strangers in a sandbox.)

– This man survived the atomic bomb drop on Nagasaki, Japan. He has a message for the U.S. and North Korea. (via swiss-miss)

– GOODNEWSPAPER prints the stories of the people, ideas, and movements that are changing the world for the better. (via swiss-miss)

– Loving these new Moo business cards 100% recycled form cotton t-shirts.

– Riddled with indecisiveness? The decision coin can help.

How to face your inner critic.

You are not what you earn.

– Don’t forget to make time for what really matters. The School of Life’s 15 minute timer is a beautiful reminder.

Ad that can only be read outdoors encourages people to be an outsider.

– Discover your purpose in 60 seconds with the Napkin Test.

Stop searching for your passion.

– Got something to say? Speaker and New York Times best selling author offers his best teaching on how to communicate.

– Need to focus when it’s noisy? Check out Noisli.



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