3 of the 4 biggest tragedies in fashion history took place in Bangladesh where in one instance 1,134 people DIED after clothing factory building collapsed all in the name of “fast fashion.”
In order to highlight this issue street artist Igor Dobrowolski took to the streets by creating billboards that showed the greed and horrors of the fashion industry. In his own words:
“The number of fatal victims rises alongside the profits of companies like H&M which is the largest company that manufactures in Bangladesh. Retailers are pressuring the factory to lower product prices and factory owners can do nothing but agree to work faster and cheaper. If not, the retailer will just go to the next factory. The only way out is to cut costs, by reducing wages for employees, lowering the working conditions and safety with no respect for the environment. EVERY PURCHASE IS YOUR VOTE.”
Hauntingly beautiful.
Do yourself a favor by following and checking out more of Igor’s work here and here.

Face Slimmer

Beauty Warriors by artist Evija Laivina is a collection of photographs featuring strange looking beauty gadgets. In her own words:

“I found them on Ebay, most of the gadgets are made in China. These products promise instant cure without surgical intervention. They are much cheaper than plastic surgeries and botulin injections and if you believe, they might work! To be successful, you must be perfect and look perfect—these are our society’s rules, which we all follow without even realizing how ridiculous the standards are. We often forget about the importance of inner beauty. Models for this project are my friends, family and volunteers found with the help of social media.”

A beautiful project with a beautiful message spoken by a true beauty warrior herself.


A Colorful Mountain Made Out of Paint That Stands as a Brilliant Memorial to One Man’s Devotion

“Near Slab City, California, a man painted a hill. It was outsider art: Leonard Knight had no training and no great masters to imitate. But somehow, he created something that resonates with the world. This is the story of Salvation Mountain.”



In Spring of 2003, Vintage21 Church in Raleigh, NC had a four week series on Jesus Christ, taking a deeper look at what He said and did. It was difficult at times to get past our preconceived notions that had been developed by staunch, starched Sunday School classes of old. This was their satirical look at what some people think Jesus is like. Thank goodness He’s not.