This Is What It Feels Like


This Is What It Feels Like is an art exhibit/project by artist Terra Lopez, highlighting what it’s like to be harassed and mistreated as a woman by placing men in their shoes.

The artist said she created the project to help shift culture’s patriarchal views on how society treats women and help create and sustain a discourse on the ways that we can simply be better to and for women.

We are definitely feeling this one.

Learn more about the project here and help bring this exhibit on the road here.




Emotional First Aid Kits

Emotional First Aid Kits

The Emotional First Aid Kit by designer Rui Sun was created for mental health awareness. He developed the kit as a way of showing that our emotional health is equally as important as our physical health.

“In spite of culture, background, wealth – everybody suffers the same emotional ups and downs of life,” said the designer. “What if we treated emotional health equally to psychical health? This kit is designed for very different emotional scenarios.”

Each of the 5 pieces  are intended to provide a different comfort in times of mental distress which includes a stethoscope designed to help the user tune into their breathing, a padded vest to give people confidence in stressful situations, third eye glasses that help remind the user to look at the world with a different perspective, stress-busting speakers that visualize sound with blue ink, and a breathing mask that emits calming essential oils.


Racing Extinction

‘Racing Extinction’ is a campaign which aims to raise awareness about the devastating impact that humans have on the environment, and its wildlife.

In response to a letter released from Pope Francis, which outlines the destructive effect humans impose on natural environments and species, documentary makers and activists created a light show, to foster awareness about endangered species on a personal and political level. Images of wildlife, including whales, pandas, imperiled rain forests, and melting icebergs, were protected onto the facade of St. Peter’s Basilica. The goal of the protest was to engage political leaders, invoking a sense of urgency through the exploration of endangered species.

The campaign aims to change the way we perceive the planet, by projecting images of life and natural environments which we will lose in “pursuit of unsustainable practices.” – excerpt written by Ellen Smith on Trendhunter

Learn more about the project here

Ikea’s Refugee Shelter

Ikea designed a refugee shelter through their nonprofit project ‘Better Shelter’ in order to provide a safer and more dignified home for families displaced by armed conflicts and natural disasters.

Polluted Water Popsicles



Aiming to raise awareness about rising water pollution due to rapid economic growth and urbanization three design students created this Polluted Water Popsicle Project. Water was taken from 100 different water sources in Taiwan and turned into frozen toxic popsicles before Hung I-chen, Guo Yi-hui, and Cheng Yu-ti from the National Taiwan University of Arts recreated them using transparent polyester resin. The designers also created  wrappers for them that represented the different regions from which the polluted water samples were taken.

A+++ in my book. I’ll probably pass on the taste test though.


“For over 80 years, people have been sharing Tiger Beer on the streets of Asia. Sparking friendships, conversations and ideas.
But what if we brought people together to turn the ugliness in our air into something beautiful?”

Introducing Air-Ink the first ink made entirely out of air pollution.



Pollutoys are cleverly designed plushies that teach kids to protect the ocean. Love this. Learn more here.

Protest Websites That Actually Help

Arguing with your Grandma about politics on Facebook is cool and all but…No, actually it’s not cool at all and you’re not going to argue anyone into your point of view anyway so what good is it really?

Want a better use of your time? Here are 6 websites that can actually help change things from the good folks over at Good.