Corporate America Flag

I pledge allegiance to the flag…

This flag is a beautiful work of protest art. Hang it in your office or wave it at the revolution – it absolutely captures the spirit of why we are fighting the omnipotent control of corporate America.   -Adbusters

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Haunted By Data

“In a world where everything is tracked and kept forever, like the world we’re for some reason building, you become hostage to the worst thing you’ve ever done.

Whoever controls that data has power over you, whether or not they exercise it. And yet we treat this data with the utmost carelessness, as if it held no power at all.”

Haunted by Data, Maciej Ceglowski


Art The Arms Fair

On 12th September 2017 one of the world’s largest arms fairs set up shop in London. However, most people have no idea that it even exists. Art The Arms Fair wanted to make it visible.

Get more info here and take the virtual tour here