The Brown Bag project was created by Cambridge Dayn-Ryan and Clint Shuttlesworth of Salty Culture. The premise was simple, prefill brown grocery bags for the homeless with items that will help them with basic needs. They prefilled them so that they could carry them in their cars and have them ready to hand out when they stopped at any corner with a homeless man or woman. They also wanted others to get involved so they gave plenty of bags away to anyone and everyone willing to take one so that many more homeless people were helped.

Inspired by their good deeds and wanting to multiply their efforts we came up with two ideas to help scale their project even further. First we changed the brown bag to a smaller bag (a lunch bag to be exact) so that it was even easier for the homeless to carry around and even more could be filled for less money. Second we printed the needs list on the lunch bag itself so they could be left around the city at coffee shops, college campuses, churches, etc. therefore allowing even more people to get involved with or without their help.

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